Lens Replacement Options

One of the most exciting aspects of cataract surgery is understanding how your vision will be improved after surgery. In both traditional and laser assisted cataract surgery, the affected lens is removed and replaced by an intraocular lens to restore the clarity of your vision. Advanced lens replacement options are available to correct astigmatism and multifocal prescriptions to improve vision or even reduce your need for glasses post-surgery.


Monofocal Foldable Lens

A monofocal lens, which is covered by Manitoba Health, provides high-quality distance vision and allows for a small wound size. A smaller wound means that stitches are not usually needed. Generally, there is a rapid healing process, and a quicker return to normal activity. If you have an astigmatism or require reading glasses before surgery, you will likely require glasses to correct those prescription needs after surgery.

Toric Foldable Lens

Toric Foldable Lens

This lens gives the best possible distance vision without glasses as the toric lenses safely reduce or correct astigmatism. This optional lens is recommended for people with significant astigmatism and is not covered by Manitoba Health.


Multifocal Foldable Lens

This lens is designed to provide the most convenient vision without glasses for all distances. This optional lens is suggested for people who would like to minimize their need for glasses after cataract surgery including distance and reading glasses. This lens is not covered by Manitoba Health.