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What is Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery?

Laser assisted cataract surgery is an incredibly precise and predictable procedure. The surgery reduces the risk in an already low-risk procedure with advanced 3D imaging and laser automation for the parts of the procedure that are completely customized to the anatomy of your individual eye.
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What are the Lens Options?

Cataract surgery gives you the chance to rejuvenate your vision and choose a lens replacement implant that is best for your lifestyle. Before your cataract is removed, Dr. Wiens provides you with a range of lenses that not only replace the clouded cataract, but can help correct an astigmatism or presbyopia.
Manitoba What's Covered?

What’s Covered?

Patients with cataracts in Manitoba have many different options to consider when it comes to surgery. Technological advances have revolutionized cataract surgery allowing for continued improvements in safety, the costs of which are funded by provincial health insurance plans, such as Manitoba Health Services Commission (MHSC) in Manitoba.