About Dr. James Wiens

Dr. James Wiens, MD, FRCSC

Owner and Medical Director, Laser Cataract Surgery Winnipeg

Dr. James WiensQuality vision – that’s Dr. Wiens’ first priority when it comes to his patients. Dr. Wiens began his Ophthalmology practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Health Sciences Centre in 1988. Two years later, he moved to private practice, where he focused on clinical care. In 1994, he opened Image Plus Laser Eye Centre and began performing laser vision correction as the first Ophthalmologist in Western Canada to offer 100% blade-free LASIK.

To date, Dr. Wiens has performed over 30,000 corneal procedures, 15,000 LASIK and PRK Procedures and 20,000 traditional cataract surgeries. He is also on staff at Misericordia Health Centre and performs both traditional and laser assisted cataract surgery at the Western Surgery Centre. He approaches each patient’s treatment differently and takes their personal needs, desires and conditions into account. As a respected educator in Ophthalmology, Dr. Wiens has lectured medical students and participated in providing continual medical education to physicians and other medical personnel.

CATALYS™ Precision Laser System

Cutting edge precision

Many of the steps performed in traditional cataract surgery can now be completed using the precision of a laser -the CATALYS™ Precision Laser System. Developed in the heart of Silicon Valley, the technology was designed specifically for laser assisted cataract surgery and for those who choose to use the most cutting edge technology to remove their cataracts.

As one of the most commonly performed surgeries in Canada, cataracts are the progressive hazing of the natural crystalline lens in your eyes. Overtime, it can cause decreased vision that impacts your ability to read, drive, work and see.

The CATALYS™ System allows Dr. Wiens to remove your cataracts with a gentle, extremely accurate and completely customized treatment plan.

Western Surgery Centre

State of the art facilities

The Western Surgery Centre is a state of the art day surgery facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Surgeons at the centre have performed surgeries in multiple disciplines including plastic surgery, paediatric dental surgery, oral surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery and ophthalmology.

Dr. James Wiens leads the department of Ophthalmology at Western Surgery Centre and is a pioneer in Manitoba’s laser assisted cataract surgery services. Under the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s delivery of care, the Western Surgery Centre Cataract Program has provided efficient cataract care in a stress-free environment to thousands of patients in Manitoba for many years.