What’s covered?

Patients with cataracts in Manitoba have many different options to consider when it comes to surgery. Technological advances have revolutionized cataract surgery allowing for continued improvements in safety, the costs of which are funded by provincial health insurance plans, such as Manitoba Health Services Commission (MHSC) in Manitoba.

Traditional cataract surgery is paid for by MHSC, including a soft lens implant, but specialty lenses like the toric or multifocal are not covered. You are responsible for the payment of specialty lenses made directly to Dr. Wien’s office.

While traditional cataract surgery is covered by MHSC, laser assisted cataract surgery is not and the patient is responsible for payment of the laser and/or specialty lens fees. Payment for specialty lenses and/or the CATALYS™ laser assisted cataract surgery is often considered a medical expense and may be eligible as a tax deduction. Please contact your financial and tax advisor for further information.

Uninsured cataract services are paid by the patient directly to our office and may include specialized diagnostic eye measurement tests, lens implant assessment, specialty lens implant, diagnostic testing and laser assisted cataract surgery.

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